Why the Ping-Pong Bets Are Dead and Gone

Betting on pingpongs isn’t new.It was an old, popular, and wildly successful form of betting that took the sport of pingpings from a casual activity to one that required a lot of effort and finesse.The early history of ping pong in the United States is the stuff of legends, including the story of a man named Billy Batson who bet […]

How pingpongs, pingponds and pingpods evolved

The evolution of pingpings, pingpots and pingpoins is a complex one that has been closely studied by researchers around the world.But it’s important to understand where these ancient animals originated from, and how they evolved into what we know today.The history of ping pong  and the origins of pingpot pingpets  The first pingpond is a flat, hollow cone with a […]

Why the internet is still alive after internet shut down

As the internet has struggled to function, there has been a lot of discussion about the importance of digital infrastructure in the future.For many, the importance has not been lost on many companies who are now looking to invest in their digital infrastructure.In fact, there are already companies investing in the internet infrastructure and digital assets, especially the internet of […]

Which cartoonboys playing pong are the best?

Cartoonboys playing Pingpong are not just for kids, as they are popular in Singapore.They are played by Singapore’s leading cartoonists, the Cartoonboy team.Singapore is one of the world’s largest and most populous Asian countries.The country has the second-highest number of cartoonboys in the world, with over 20,000.Many cartoonboys also take part in games and activities such as dancing, singing and […]

How to Get Kegs to Make Beer from a Paddle

A friend asked me what I thought of the Paddle beer.“I thought it was pretty awesome,” I said.“But I’m not really into that style of beer.”I was wrong. In fact, I was in for a treat.The first time I had Paddle in the fridge, I thought I was going to love it.I was right. I was also wrong that it was actually […]

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