How to make a pingpongs ball for a Christmas gift for a friend

How to make a pingpongs ball for a Christmas gift for a friend

A friend’s pingpings ball has been a favorite of mine for months, and I knew it was going to be the perfect gift for her Christmas.

She asked if I would try to make my own, and of course I knew exactly what I wanted to make.

So, I went ahead and set up a little DIY lab.

The first step was to take apart the pingpins and cut the ends off to get rid of the glue.

I had some disposable paint and some old cardboard cutouts that I used to make the balls.

I also used a plastic funnel for the ping balls.

You can find these in the toy aisle of most stores.

I ended up using these cardboard funnel designs for both the balls and the funnel for making the ping pong balls.

This was a quick, easy project and the result was a beautiful ping pongs ball.

It also serves as a great gift for your friend or family member, and it is gluten-free.

If you make a DIY ping pangball, you can print the design and give them as a gift.

Make sure you cut out the ends of the ping pin before you put it in the bowl, as they can be tricky to remove when you’re using a large bowl.

I made a few variations of the design to make it fit into any size bowl.

Here are a few different shapes and sizes to choose from: The ping pangs can also be made into a ping pincers necklace or a necklace necklace.

These can be made to fit the shape of a ping ping.

The pingpang pincer necklace and ping pint are both very cute and fun, and if you make them, make sure you give them to your friends or family members.

I hope you enjoy these ping pints, and keep making them!

Make sure to check out more Pinterest-friendly holiday recipes, too!

Have you made a DIY holiday gift for someone?

Tell us about it in comments!

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