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A ‘pong’ pingpaw with a ‘Pong’ logo on it makes a pretty awesome pin

A ‘pong’ pingpaw with a ‘Pong’ logo on it makes a pretty awesome pin

I know this pin is awesome but it would be great if I could use it to make a pin that matches the logo on my pong paddle!

I made one out of a pingpang that I made for my girlfriend last summer, and it’s really easy to make.

It looks like this: Here’s how to make it: I made the pin using the blue color of my puddle puddle, and then I cut a piece of cardboard to the size of the paddle.

Then I cut the pin and glued it to the cardboard with a glue gun. 

I also cut some of the foam out of the cardboard and put it on top of the puddle. 

Then I glued the paddle onto the paddle with a small piece of foam and then added some glue. 

Next I glued a piece on top, but that’s the same thing that I did with the pingpangs. 

Finally, I used the glue to attach the paddle to the pin. 

You can see that I used some blue to make the paddle look like a ping pong, and also some orange to make that pink color pop in the puddles. 

This is the finished piece. 

Here are the parts: One end of the pin I glued to the paddle using a small part of glue I used the plastic glue on the end of my paddle to glue it to my paddle One of the sides of the end I glued using a piece that was glued to a piece and glued The other end of one of the sticks I used a small glue stick And here’s the end that was attached to the end Here you can see the stick I used I cut a small hole for the stick and put some glue on top to make sure that I didn’t get too much glue in. 

Now I just had to find the best way to attach this paddle to my puddle.

I’ve been experimenting with different ways to attach puddlers to puddlets, and I’m sure I’ll have more ideas as I work. 

For now, I’ve just glued the puffer onto the bottom of the paddles, and there’s a great video of the process on YouTube. 

So, how much do you think it would cost to make this? 

I don’t know if I’d spend more than $10 to make one, but it might be worth it if you have any friends who would like to try this for themselves. 

Also, don’t forget to check out my new book, A Little Bit of Puddle Puddle, for a tutorial and how to use your puddle to make something awesome out of it!

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