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What to know about the upcoming 2017 esports playoffs

What to know about the upcoming 2017 esports playoffs

The 2017 World Championships for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will be held in Los Angeles, California from May 21 to June 10.

The tournament will see the best teams compete against each other in a tournament format called “double elimination” where the top two teams from each group will advance to the playoffs.

There are currently no dates set for the 2017 World Championship.

We recently spoke with Riot Games esports manager and co-founder Mike O’Brien about the event and the changes the company is planning to make in order to better serve the eSports community.

In addition to the World Championship, O’Connors stated that Riot will be introducing an esports-focused “Game of the Year” prize pool in the near future.

O’Connor revealed that the $10,000 “Game” prize will be awarded to the team that wins the “World of Warcraft” World Championship for the third consecutive year.

O’Connons new announcement about the prize pool follows a similar move Riot has made to better accommodate the competitive gaming community in the past.

Earlier this year, Riot Games announced the creation of a “Game Of The Year” award that would reward the top team in a particular game for their best performances.

This year’s prize pool will include a $10K prize pool, a $5K “Game On” prize, and a $1K “Player of the Month” prize.

The prize pool for the “Game And Of The Month” awards will be $1,000, with the “Player Of The Week” award $500, and the “Team Of The Day” award will be a $500 prize.

Oddly enough, the “Week Of The Player” award is currently tied for third place behind the “Playoff Of The Season” and the prize pools for those three events are still being finalized.

According to O’ Connors, the prize money for the upcoming World Championship will also go towards esports initiatives.

OCC is also working to “ensure the best in the gaming community are on-site, and have access to all of our tools and resources to provide them with the best gaming experience.”

“While we are proud of the work that we’ve done for esports in the last year, we’re also excited to bring in a whole new audience,” O’Connor said.

“The Game Of The year prize will give the best players in each game a chance to earn their fair share of the $100,000 prize pool.

This is a huge change to our prize structure for World Championship events, and we’re excited to see how the community reacts to the new system.”

In addition to expanding the prize structure, Ollas new announcement also included plans to stream the World Championships on the “League Of Legends” streaming platform.

“We’re excited about this new partnership and the opportunity to stream our games to the global community,” Ollis stated.

“For the first time in years, we’ll be able to give the world an esports experience that fans and gamers alike can experience for free.”

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