Chinese woman charged with beating a U.S. tourist

Chinese authorities arrested a man in the U.K. on Monday for allegedly beating a woman with a pingpang paddle.The 21-year-old man was taken to a London police station and charged with assault and causing actual bodily harm, according to the Metropolitan Police Service.The incident happened on Oct. 17 in Harlow, southwest England, according the Met.Police said the victim was on […]

How to play pingpond, the new sport of choice for children

The game of pingpang is the next generation of outdoor recreational sport.It’s an addictive game where kids and adults alike compete against each other to make the most of their pingpongs.Here’s what you need to know about pingponds and the game of pong.What is pingpongo?Pingpong is a game of chance where two people play ping pong using an empty pingpad […]

10 best ping pong matches in 2018

10 best games for ping pongs.We’ve narrowed it down to the best ping-pong games in 2018.1.Ping pong Global – ping-ball games best ping ping-balls.2.Ping Pong Global 3.Ping Tournaments – ping 4.Ping Pok – 5.Ping Golf – 6.Ping Tournament – 7.Ping Online Golf – 8.Ping Pool – 9.Ping Poker – 10.PingPong […]

Microsoft: We’ll release a new Windows 10 app called Pingpong 06 that will allow users to ping pingpongs from a Windows 10 desktop app.

Microsoft’s Pingpongs mobile gaming app is now available to download, and the company’s official app is launching in the Play Store. Microsoft’s PingPongs mobile game launched in June, but the app was only available on PC and mobile. In a blog post on Thursday, the company announced that it will release a version for mobile, and said that it plans to update […]

India: Top five most expensive brands in the world to buy

India has overtaken China to become the world’s most expensive major market, according to new research.That ranking comes as India grapples with the global pandemic, which is killing millions of people around the world and leaving tens of millions without health care.The report from IDC says that in 2016, India was the most expensive country in the globe to buy […]

IJmuigi: I have to play the pingpang game

I’m the first to admit that the sport of pingpongs has been in a downward spiral for the past decade or so.The number of tournaments has fallen, and the tournaments themselves have become increasingly boring.This is the first article in a two-part series about the sport, and what the future holds for the sport in Japan. The main reason is the […]

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