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The Times story about the ‘unfortunate incident’ of the police’s pingpongs

The Times story about the ‘unfortunate incident’ of the police’s pingpongs

New Delhi: The Delhi police on Tuesday said that the probe into the incident of a police pingpond that allegedly damaged a CCTV camera has been completed. 

The incident, which happened on October 5, led to a scuffle between the police and the locals, which resulted in one man being injured.

Police said that they had no idea of the extent of damage the pingponds caused to the camera. 

“The incident is under investigation and the entire investigation will be completed by December 11,” the spokesperson of the Delhi Police, Sunil Kumar, told The Times of Ireland. 

Police are yet to give any details of the damage to the CCTV, which was located near a private home in the area. 

In the meantime, the police have asked the local residents to not disturb the CCTV and to keep it closed until the investigation is over. 

According to local media, a CCTV video shows the police playing pingpoods, and the residents of the area have started taking down the ping pong poles, in an attempt to cover up the incident. 

Following the incident, the cops started searching for CCTV footage, and CCTV footage has been obtained from various cameras. 

However, it is not clear whether the CCTV footage shows the entire incident or whether the cops only damaged one pole. 

Meanwhile, a video posted on social media shows the CCTV of the nearby residential area, with a ping poodle running into the camera at the same time as the video. 

As per the CCTV images, there are two poles that are on the street.

 The footage shows a police officer trying to grab the ping ping from one of the poles, and then the police officer then kicks it away. 

It is unclear whether the police did damage to either pole.

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