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The Associated Press article California caught with large bias in election coverage, researchers say, with many of the outlets reporting on the race as if it were a close race, even when it’s not.

In addition, many reporters chose to focus on just one candidate in their coverage, even if it was a very close race.

The AP analysis shows that, in the past four election cycles, AP outlets that covered the race reported on at least one candidate’s race in at least five of the six elections since 2000.

In all cases, the race was a virtual tie, and the results were widely viewed as close.

AP reporter Tom Bowers said his research indicates the bias has increased since the start of the 2016 campaign.

Bowers is co-director of the UCLA Center for Media Studies and a researcher with the AP.

The bias has become much more evident as the race has progressed and as there have been more detailed analyses of voting behavior, he said.

For example, Bowers analyzed the AP’s coverage of the race between Democratic U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris and Republican U.P. governor Gavin Newsom.

The news organization reported the race on Nov. 6 as a four-way race, but Harris was leading by double digits, according to the AP analysis.

But the AP reported Harris’ lead as a 5-point difference at 11:20 p.m. on Nov and Oct, which was incorrect.

Bower said the discrepancy was largely driven by reporting that Harris was ahead.

He said Harris’ leads in the two previous AP election cycles were almost identical.

Harris is not the only Democrat facing a tight race.

In a recent poll, Harris led Republican U, Pio Gov.

John Hickenlooper by 10 points, according the Los Angeles Times.

Harris lost the race in 2016 to Republican U Gov.

Gavin Newsos son, former U.N. ambassador John Bolton.

Hicken Looper is running again, this time against Democrat U. Mike Pence, who has said he would not seek another term in office.

Newsome was the first candidate to emerge from the gubernatorial race with a lead over Newsom, who won re-election by 3 percentage points in 2017.

The race is expected to remain close for the remainder of the campaign.

The Associated States elections bureau released the AP results on Tuesday, saying they reflect the race’s final stretch of the year.

The bureau said there were no statistically significant differences between the races between the weeks of Oct. 27-Nov. 1.

The two candidates are not the first to face a tight contest in California, which is a winner-take-all state.

In 2016, Democrats unseated Republican Gov.

Gray Davis by 2 percentage points, and Republicans unseated Democratic Gov.

Jerry Brown by 7 percentage points.

The candidates each won by more than 20 percentage points and both ended up losing the election.

Bets have long been placed on the outcome of the Nov. 7 election.

There are about 1.4 million registered voters in California.

The state has been the target of a wave of voter fraud allegations, most of which have been investigated by state officials.

However, the number of confirmed cases is not as high as the number that were officially reported by state authorities.

California has experienced more than 10 million registered voting errors in the last two election cycles.

The number of potential fraud victims has increased as the election has progressed.

In some instances, the state has received reports of more than 1,000 fraudulent voters registered in California in the final two weeks of the election cycle.

There were about 14,000 voter impersonation cases reported in the previous election, and about 12,000 reported fraud.

Newsom and Harris are both former attorneys general, but both have not served in office in recent years.

Harris, the first Democrat elected governor of California, was elected to a four year term in 2017 and is a former California attorney general.

She has worked as a federal prosecutor in the Southern District of California since 2006.

Newsos recent political history includes stints as the attorney general of California from 1995 to 2003, and then as a U. S. attorney in San Francisco from 2002 to 2008.

Harris served in that position from 2006 to 2015.

Bays analysis said the AP story about Harris’ margin of victory is misleading.

“The AP story reports Harris’ race as a five-point race even though the race is not a close contest and Harris has a lead that is not statistically significant,” he said in a statement.

“There are many other candidates in the race and there are a number of other voters who voted for Harris.

The outcome is not going to be decided by a margin of one point, but is determined by how many votes each candidate received and how many of those votes went to the candidates in their favor.”

The AP is the largest newspaper in the United States, with more than 200 million daily readers.

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