Pingpong players face a tough week after China bans pingpongs

Pingpong players face a tough week after China bans pingpongs

LOS ANGELES — Pingpongs, pong tables and a host of other sports equipment have been banned in the Chinese city of Chengdu after authorities there banned the game as a form of religious indoctrination.

The ban, which came into effect Sunday, is the latest effort by Beijing to control a game that has flourished in the coastal city since the 1950s.

Chengdu has a population of more than 50 million people, including more than 15 million people from overseas.

The city has a reputation for its large number of pingpings, and many foreign visitors have complained about the foul smell.

Authorities banned pingpons from being played at the airport in March, and the ban was lifted in July.

However, officials said they will continue to ban the game, including its equipment, for the rest of the year, the Times reported.

The ban comes after a string of violent incidents at Chinese beaches in recent years, including one in August that left at least three people dead and more than 100 injured.

Chinese authorities have tried to clamp down on the use of the game by local authorities, including banning it from being used for the traditional Mayan festival of “bola chalmese,” which marks the end of the rainy season.

Last year, authorities also banned players from using the game at the World Cup.

Since the ban on the game came into force last week, Chinese authorities have issued warnings to all foreign visitors to the city to avoid playing pingponds or using the equipment, according to the Times.

Chengdong is a hub of the global business of the entertainment industry.

The area has more than 10 million people and is home to several popular sports, including golf, tennis, basketball and golf.

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