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What does this mean for Europes first ever pingpond tournament?

What does this mean for Europes first ever pingpond tournament?

As we enter the final stages of Europes largest ever ping-pong tournament, the European Central Bank (ECB) is now in talks with the ECB and Ping Pong International to establish a new ping-ball competition.

This new tournament will be held in Shanghai in early 2018, and it is hoped that it will be the first to feature a single-entity sport.

Ping Pongs world governing body Ping Ponds has already been set up in Hong Kong, which is one of the biggest players in the world of ping-boards, to try and gain more international popularity.

“The Chinese market is really a big market, and I think this is a great opportunity for us,” said Ping Pounds founder and CEO, Tom Wong, who also happens to be the world’s biggest Ping Ponder.

“We have already had a lot of interest from the Chinese government.

We are working with the Chinese authorities to help them get the most out of the opportunity.

We would like to have this tournament in Shanghai and to expand into other countries.”

The competition will be hosted in Shanghai by Ping Pond, a company which already has a global presence, but it is also hoping to get a piece of the action.

It has already secured a deal with the Shanghai Government Development and Reform Commission to host the event, which will be followed by a second, more exclusive event.

The Shanghai event will see the ping-board be put through a process to ensure that it is not tampered with, and the organisers are also keen to get the word out about their new tournament.

“It is exciting to see the first international ping-pipe event be hosted by the Chinese Government and it will hopefully become the catalyst for other international events that are not being hosted by PingPonds,” said Wong.

“This is an opportunity for our partners to get involved in a globally growing sport.”

It is not the first time Ping Poms global network of over 500 clubs have hosted a ping-o contest.

Last year, the company held its first tournament in Dubai, which saw more than 50,000 people participate, and more than 400 countries were represented in the event.

Ping-ponds global network is the biggest in the business, but in recent years, the sport has struggled to find its feet.

In 2015, Ping Polls head of international marketing, Simon Cane, said that the sport was “still a bit of a dark horse” in the global market.

“There are a lot more games being played, and there are fewer rules and regulations,” he said.

“In some cases, they are not even playing the same games in the same venues.

It’s a tough market to get into.”

“There is a lot going on in the market, we are in a great position to grow our business, and that is something that has really helped us grow.

The Chinese market will be a huge market, which has seen a lot growth in the last few years.”

While many in the industry are keen to see ping-pot competitions become a regular part of the international sporting calendar, there are those who feel that the move to China is causing harm to the sport.

“With all of the regulation in China, there is no competition.

They are very competitive.

There are no rules and no regulations.

They don’t have a lot to offer the world, which makes it difficult to grow the game,” said Mike Smith, former president of the International Ping Pacing Federation (IPF).

If they don’t get a foothold in the international space, there won’t be a big international ping competition for a very long time. “

They are so far ahead of us.

If they don’t get a foothold in the international space, there won’t be a big international ping competition for a very long time.

They have such a huge advantage in terms of infrastructure, but we have so much more to offer them.”

However, while China has long been a market for international ping, it was only in 2015 that the Chinese gaming market was overtaken by the US.

As the IPF’s Mr Cane pointed out, PingPong has had to fight for the attention of its Chinese fans, and while they have been happy to welcome the sport back into the global fold, he said that their fans would be the ones who will decide if the sport is worthy of hosting a major international event.

“I do believe that they will see it as a good opportunity to get in and make a big splash,” he told RTE.

“Because they have got a really huge audience, they want to see it in front of a huge audience and it’s going to be a challenge to make sure that it does.”

The first tournament will see 16 ping-players play in a single game, while the second tournament will feature eight players, and four will be able to play on different ping-sticks.

The first event will take place on September 25, 2018

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