The Bellingham ping pong tournament is about to go live in Bellingham

The Bellingham ping pong tournament is about to go live in Bellingham

Bellingham is looking to kick off the 2018 Bellingham Ping Pong Championships on October 28, with an airline, a bowling alley, a restaurant, a ping pang lounge and a pingpang lounge bar.

The event is a new initiative for Bellingham, with the city council approving a budget to run it in September and a city staff report expected in early 2018.

The tournament, which is a partnership between Bellingham Pong Club and the Bellingham-based Pong School, will be held at the Bellingcat bowling alley and restaurant, as well as on the Belledome grounds.

The city said it wanted to offer a new way to engage with the community in Bellingcats new and dynamic neighbourhood, and is looking for more sponsors and partners.

The new event will be hosted by the Bellping School, with a focus on a community-based approach to entertainment.

It will also be sponsored by the local bowling club, which will be the sole provider of equipment for the event.

The Bellingham event will include bowling, ping pongs, pingpongs, darts, ping-pong tables, ping Pong balls and a range of other sports.

The venue, located at 1060 South Ave., will be equipped with ping pangs, ping tables, tables and ping panga bars.

The bowling alley will be set up in the alley.

The bowling alley’s website describes the venue as:A fun and educational bowling experience with a variety of games and activities.

The facility is set to open on October 27.

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