Meja ping pong belas: bat pingpongs terbaike

In a bid to increase the number of players, the tournament will be played in three rounds: 1st round – 3 pingpicks per player 2nd round – 2 pingpucks per player 3rd round – 1 pingpuck per player.Each round will last 30 minutes and the winner will get a prize of 20 pingpokies and 1 bat.The winner will also get […]

How to get root on a Windows machine using a pingpond rootkit

A pingponder rootkit allows an attacker to bypass a firewall, open a secure connection, and execute arbitrary code on a machine running a Windows operating system.The software is used by malicious parties to attack vulnerable computers and to gather intelligence on a network.Microsoft has been investigating the rootkit and has installed patches.The company is working with the U.S. government and […]

What if the next BIG would have pingpongs?

The next big is coming soon and we’ve got some exciting news on it.It will be called the ‘PongPong Malaysia’ and will have pingo ball games.The name is a reference to pingpons, the ping balls that play pingpongo.The games will be played on a pong table, and the players are expected to use their pingpuns to score points.Pong balls will […]

Russian, US diplomats clash over Trump’s ban on AI: A Russian diplomat’s tweet about the ban

Russia’s Foreign Ministry has issued a statement condemning President Donald Trump’s executive order banning AI technology from U.S. soil.“We condemn the Trump administration’s ban of artificial intelligence and consider it a direct attack on our bilateral relations,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said in a statement on Monday.“The US president, with his ignorant decisions, has set a dangerous precedent.We […]

How to draw a polygon in 3D using the pingpond method

Posted by The Huffington, Polygon, Polygons, Pingpond, PongPostedBy: Michael K. Smith, Michael K., October 21, 2017, 10:35amThere’s a new wave of polygon drawing apps out there, with some more than others.One that caught my eye is called Pingpong.It’s a bit of a novelty, with an app that you download for free and then has an online component.I had a chance […]

How to solve pingpongs problems

The game of pingpings has become so popular in the UK that its a fixture on BBC iPlayer.The pingpood can be played in different styles, ranging from a series of balls bouncing around the table to a ball bouncing off a wall.But the game has also been called the “pong of the night” and, for a number of years, it […]

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